About the Park Library


The Park Library supports the Hussman School of Journalism & Media‘s educational, research, and professional mission by teaching journalism and strategic communication students, selecting appropriate materials for courses taught in the School, and providing space for quiet study. We offer “space, stuff, and support” for all your needs. Read more about our mission.

Students working on laptops at one of Park Library's long tables


  • Our awesome facilities include space for up to 70 people with comfy chairs and large work tables.
  • We have a CCI printer, 11 Macs, a scanner, a Bloomberg terminal, and two Thunderbolt displays to charge your Mac.
  • Our Macs include Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft software.
  • We are on the second floor of Carroll Hall.



  • We prepare course guides with links to resources for specific classes taught in the School. These help in finding online material for research projects.
  • We also prepare subject guides with recommended databases and websites in various topics.
  • Contact us to find out how we can help!


The Park Library was named in honor of Roy H. Park, North Carolina native and founder of Park Communications, and moved to its 5,000 square-foot quarters in July 1999.


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