Computers, Software, and Printing


  • There are 11 Macs in the Park Library.  A UNC ONYEN login & password is required.
  • We have one Bloomberg terminal.
  • We also have 2 Thunderbolt displays.
  • Wireless access is available to everyone with an ONYEN.


  • Library computers have the Microsoft Office suite installed, so you can use Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.                                                                                                                                                        PowerPoint logoWord logoExcel logo
  • Have a multimedia project? Our computers also have Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro and iMovie.                                                                                                                                              Creative Cloud logoFinal_Cut_ProiMovie-icon
  • If you need SPSS or Final Cut Studio, check out the software available in the computer labs in Carroll Hall OR access software through UNC’s Virtual Lab (read about the Virtual Lab)
  • The Undergraduate Library’s Design Lab has Adobe software and is open whenever the UL is open.
  • The Media Lab at UNC Library’s Media Resource Center has plenty of useful software as well.
  • The MJIT help page has information on accessing resources in Carroll after hours.

Printing @ the Park Library

Color printing @ UNC

  • There are CCI color printers in Davis, the Undergraduate Library, the Art Library, and the Health Sciences Library.
  • More about printing from campus libraries.


Scanners @ the Park Library

  • flatbed scanner for text and images.
  • microfilm reader/scanner which prints microfilm articles and converts them to pdf.
  • Scanning is free!

KIC Scanners @ UNC

  • KIC Scanners are available at Davis and the Undergraduate Library
  • The KIC Scanner is a high speed face-up scanner, meaning you don’t have to flip your book or document upside down.
  • It can scan documents up to 17″x24″, and saves files to a flash drive.


  • An expense account tied to your UNC One Card is required to make photocopies.
  • Add funds to your One Card online.
  • If you don’t have a One Card, go to the One Card office and purchase a guest photocopy card for $5.

FAX Machine Student Stores Print Shop & Copy Center

  • Need to FAX something? Use the Print Stop & Copy Center on the third floor of UNC Student Stores.
  • Local faxes are $1.50 and long distance faxes are $2.50.

Other Options

  • UNC Libraries has a list of Equipment & Accessories you can check out around campus.
  • Check this list of equipment loans at the MRC (Media Resources Center) in the Undergraduate Library.
  • School of Media and Journalism students can see what the MJ Equipment Room has to offer and book equipment through Connect2.