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Books on “reserve” enable students to borrow an item for 2 hours. This is great for textbooks or other material students must read, but do not need to read all at once. Reserves make it easy for multiple students to borrow items for a short period.

Please do not assume we will put items on reserve for you—if you’ve listed a book as being on reserve at Park Library, please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, contact Reserves Staff at reserve_reading@unc.edu—they are super helpful!

Book Reserves

  • To put articles, books, or book chapters on reserve, select the “Course Reserves” tab on the course’s Sakai page or click here.
  • Next, click the “Add Reserve Items” link on the left side of the page (under Instructor Course Tools) and select the type of item you’re putting on reserve. Fill out the required fields.
  • Finally, choose:
    • whether you will upload the material yourself
    • bring it to the House Undergraduate Library
    • link the item to a website
    • or have the library locate and scan the material for you (this is probably the easiest option!).

Article and Book Chapter Reserves

  • To avoid copyright violations, articles and book chapters should be placed on electronic reserve through the Undergraduate Library rather than uploaded to Sakai by a professor or shared with a URL which might not be stable.
  • The UL pays copyright fees on behalf of professors.
  • Use the “Course Reserves” link on your Sakai course page or this page to put items on electronic reserve.

Showing DVDs & videos in class Photograph of DVDs available in the Park Library

  • UNC’s Media Resources Center (aka MRC) is a fabulous resource.
      • Want to show a video or DVD in class? Faculty & instructors have access to all of the MRC’s media materials!
      • Complete their online booking form to reserve items to show in class.
  • Borrow any Park Library DVDs to show class.

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