To protect your right of access, promote your safety, and protect library resources and facilities, the Park Library prohibits activities that present health or security risks, that damage library resources, are illegal, or interfere with maintaining an environment that is conducive to teaching, learning and research.

The following are illegal under North Carolina or federal law:

  • Unauthorized downloading, copying, distributing, altering or translating of copyrighted materials, including software, music or other media without the express permissions of the copyright holder.
  • The use of any state property for the viewing or transmission of child pornography.
  • Theft, vandalism, graffiti, and other intentional damage to library property and collections.
  • Possession or consumption of illegal or unauthorized substances on state property.
  • Possession of weapons of any sort on state property, except by a police officer.

Cell Phones

In order to preserve a quiet study environment, we request that library users set their cell phones to vibrate or a non-audible signal. Please take calls outside of the library where you will not disturb others.Eat & Drink: please be neat

Food and Drink

In order to preserve a clean and pleasant study environment, we request that library users be reasonable and responsible when bringing food and drink into the Library. Please dispose of any food wrappers or drink containers in the appropriate trash/recycling bins; clean up any spills; and take particular care around library collections and equipment.

Disruptive Behavior

Behavior that interferes with the appropriate use of the Library is not permitted. This includes excessive noise, altercations, theft, vandalism, inappropriate sexual behavior, and harassment of any kind. Viewing sexually explicit material on a computer in the library may be considered disruptive behavior or sexual harassment if it disturbs or has the potential to disturb others. Library users may be asked to discontinue viewing of the disturbing material, or leave the building.


  • Smoking is prohibited in any University building, including the Library in Carroll Hall.

Borrowing Books

  • Please be familiar with the Park Library loan policies to avoid fines.
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