Presentation Tips

Graphic with a woman standing at a podium and presenting to a crowd.

The following videos are from a Lynda series by Petrula Vrontikis. They offer tips on how to enhance your presentations and engage audience members.

Running a Design Business: Presentation Skills

  • Introduction to the series
Understanding Timing
  • Allot time to show where emphasis lies
  • How to check time discretely
Presentation Styles
  • Script reading, adlibbing, and the preferred ‘outline’ style
  • Basic presentation framework
Using Research
  • Effectively present charts and data
  • Simplify information so it’s easy to digest
Tips for Design and Delivery of Digital Presentations
  • Translate information into effective visuals
  • Story-boarding for organization
  • Evaluate text and image visibility
Tips for Using Technology
  • How to best prepare your laptop/tablet for a presentation
  • Suggests programs that discretely display notes while presenting
 Coping with Nervousness
  • Breathing exercises to reduce stress
  • What to eat/avoid eating beforehand
  • Nervous habits to look out for
Tips on Nonverbal Communication
  • How posture, eye contact, and body language establish credibility
  • Body positioning for effective audience interaction
Refining Verbal Communication
  • Use your voice to express confidence
  • Replace filler words with ‘power pauses’
  • Control volume and pitch to emphasize concepts
Concluding your presentation
  • Give proper conclusions instead of ending abruptly or just asking “any questions?”

Design Guide: Presentation Slides

This UNC guide provides resources on using PowerPoint and other design programs.

  • Planning worksheets
  • Images, color schemes, and fonts
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