Top 5 Things to Know about Park Library

Infographic of top 5 things to know about Park Library.

5. All are welcome to study here: undergraduates, grad students, non-majors. Even faculty!

4. We have several Macs so you can check email, Facebook between classes (we have wifi, too!)

3. We can save you time and show you how to find more stuff for your class project or paper.

2. You can ask for tips researching a class project or paper in lots of ways:

1. If we’ve got it, you can have it! You can borrow from our 10,000 books, DVDs, and more. (you can borrow over 7 million items from the UNC Library)

bonus: You can eat & drink in the library; just be neat.

librarian, Hussman School of Journalism & Media, since June 2009.