Fall 2020, Covid Times

We are mindful of health & safety protocols, so some things have changed in terms of how the Park Library helps students in the upcoming semester. We will still be available online to meet your information needs even as our physical space will be closed.

Davis and HSL are open - must reserve seat to study thereLibrary Space 

  • The Park Library’s space will be closed to students & faculty for the fall. Kathy and I may be in the library, but due to health concerns, we will not be open for study or conversation.
  • Davis Library will be open at greatly reduced volume.

 Borrowing Books

  • Davis Library will be lending books. In the short term, you can get books that you need through Davis Library’s no-contact pickup service. Request items from campus libraries as usual through the catalog. Davis Library staff will retrieve them for you and notify you when your items are ready for you to pick up. Details:  https://library.unc.edu/fall-2020/pickup-service-faq/
  • Please return all books directly to Davis Library. We are not accepting book returns.

Borrowing Gear

  • Due to virus concerns, we will not lend ANY “accessories” like phone or laptop chargers, classroom clickers, or headphones. These items are SUPER popular, and I know this will be hard for students. I wish there were no virus, but since there is a virus, we will not be lending any of these small items.
  • Regarding the Equipment Room, we are lending MUCH LESS GEAR (cameras, lights, tripods) than we have in the past. If you are in a “production” class and need gear, your instructor will have information for you. If you have a need but are not in one of those classes, please contact Stephanie at swbrown @ unc.edu or by text at  (919) 442-8077.

Teaching & Search Appointments

  • I will teach classes this fall, along with my amazing grad assistant Laura. To minimize exposure, we will teach all classes through Zoom.
  • Laura and I will also be available to meet with you to help with online research or other needs. We will meet in Zoom. Check our calendar and make an appointment from this page: https://calendar.lib.unc.edu/appointments/park-library?g=6750
  • You & your students can TEXT us with questions! (919) 442-8077! It’s a Google Voice account, allowing all of the library staff to answer texts from our computers. Yay.

Reserve Books

  • Some classes have e-books on reserve – available through your class Sakai site. The Park Library will not have any physical books on reserve, nor will the Undergraduate Library. Some physical books are on reserve at Davis Library. Your instructor will have more information, or text the Park Library your questions to (919) 442-8077.
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