Teaching and the Library

Want help teaching your students to do research?  Here’s how the Park Library can help.

Course Guides


Stephanie TeachingStephanie is eager to help teach students to do effective and quality research using free and library-sponsored resources. Stephanie can:

    1. Create a course guide with links to useful resources hand-picked for a specific class (see above)
    2. Spend time in a class showing students 2-3 excellent resources from the course guide with tips for searching for a specific assignment. 45-50 minutes is ideal, but it can be done in 15 or 90 minutes.
    3. Work with students individually or in small groups outside of class. (This is most efficient if students have already heard Stephanie’s spiel in class).

If you want Stephanie to work with your students in a classroom, please consider these questions:

  • What is their assignment?
  • What would you like Stephanie to focus on helping them find?
  • When is the library portion of their assignment due?
  • Training works best when:
    • The timing of Stephanie’s visit coincides closely with when they need to actually use the library (i.e., shortly before a literature review is due)
    • They have already tried to find stuff & not been successful
    • OR have spent a lot of time searching & not found stuff good enough for you.

Try to time Stephanie’s presentation to when they’ll need to do the research. And for the second point, please ask them to try to find material for the assignment, using whichever resources they want, before Stephanie talks to them. (after they’ve discovered 1 million resources in Google, they’re usually more willing to listen to the librarian. Smile )

For More Information

  • Contact Stephanie if you would like her to create a course guide or talk to your class.